Accumulators are designed to optimize the performance of your hydraulic system, while adding safeguards that prolong equipment life. Reduced operating costs and savings from less downtime and maintenance are the benefits.

Choosing the correct size and pressure settings for an accumulator is a mathematical task. Call us to get the correct product for your system.

Accumulators specifically...
Provide an auxiliary power source by storing     excess energy, to be used during peak periods. This allows the use of smaller pumps, motors, and reservoirs reducing installation and operating costs.
 * Make up changes in fluid volume to assure a positive pressure.
 * Reduce costly damage by absorbing hydraulic shocks.
 * Supply emergency fail-safe power.
 * Hold pressure for long periods of time while preventing oil overheating, reducing pump wear,    and saving energy.
 * Protect hydraulic systems and circuit components  from damage due to thermal expansion and contraction in a closed system.

Typical Applications include...
 *Mobile Machinery emergency backup for steering, brake, and pilot circuits.



*Hydrostatic Drives - shock absorption when changing directions.
 *Injection Molding, Die-Casting & Saw Milling - providing high-pressure and flows in a short time period.
 *Plunger & Diaphragm Pumps - reduces pump pulsations.
 *Fork Lifts & Cherry Pickers - pressure spike dampening.
 *Transportation Vehicles - suspension systems and braking systems.
 *Turbine Engines - oil supply for lubrication.
 * Winches - maintaining line tension.