Adapters and Splines

A huge range of splined shafts and internally splined hubs, make for a smart and cost effective repair to existing damaged splines. An array of internally and externally splined slip sleeves, allow for a small male splined shaft to mate to a larger female. Splined clamps allow for a drive shaft, flywheel or similar to clamp directly to the end of a pump or motor shaft. Stub welds are instant male spline for the end of a tube, flywheel or similar

We have produced a selection of pump mount adaptors that quickly allow a pump/motor with one mount to bolt to a different mount

All are very cost affective. Call us for the options.

See Couplings also

    Splined Components
  • Splined Hubs
  • Couplings
  • Shafting
  • Stubwelds
  • Slipsleeves

Available ex-stock. Components can also be manufactured to customer requirements.