Flow Dividers

These divide a single oil flow into 2, 3 or more.

0 - 147cc/rev output per circuit.

Maximum pressure and rotation speeds vary from size to size

Rotary flow dividers are fixed-displacement devices, which allow the circuit to be divided into independent sections. From the delivery flow rate of a single pump as many circuit branches can be obtained as the number of the divider elements.

Power at input of each element is practically the same (excluding negligible internal leakage) and is then divided at the outlet into separate circuits. Flow dividers can be used at different outlet pressures: the amount of still available power can be transmitted to other elements through the shared driving shaft and for this reason, some circuits can operate at a pressure, which is higher than the delivery pressure. In this case, the flow divider works as a pressure amplifier.

You nominate the percentages of output required. These are fixed into the design and adjustable only by section replacement. As they are mechanically linked, the flow distribution remains even.

Flow dividers also come in other forms often referred to as Speed Controls

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