Step-up boxes

Specifically used to drive a hydraulic pump off a tractor PTO or power source. The primary purpose is to increase the output shaft rotation speed 3 fold.

The design carries all drive-line side load forces and provides mounting for the pump.

14 -53 input hp.

There are variations available on these units.


Come with 2, 3 & 4 pump output configurations.

These gearboxes permit a number of hydraulic pumps to be driven from the one power source, usually, a diesel engine. However, they may be driven from most power sources directly as a shaft to shaft drive through a flexible coupling or via a universal joint drive train. In some instances, pumps can be mounted on both the front and back of the gearbox. Eg: up to 9 pumps have been fitted to the model AM450.

Standard gear ratio 1:1. Other ratios available.

Bearings are deep groove ball with L10 life of 5000 hours.

Motor Gear Boxes

With and without brake. The braked model is equipped with a multiple disc brake (sintered bronze/steel) on the input shaft. The discs work in oil bath. The discs are kept locked by a series of springs, which act on a counterplate. The solution offers a compactness, which you will certainly appreciate in those cases where the space is limited. The release of the brake is obtained with a minimum pressure of 30 bar, (max 50 bar). The brake mentioned should be considered essentially a parking brake.

Reduction boxes and right angle drives are also available.

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